XY-Chart Interpolation

Is there any way to configure the XY chart as curve basis interpolation?
I'm expecting like this

but I'm getting these sharp edge lines

please suggest....

Hey @mailtosshyam

Where is the tag data coming in from? If this is tag history can you share your tag history configuration?
Typically analog will have a better interpolated trend line compared to discrete.

Doc: Analog

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Hi @Fadil_Shaikh

Unfortunately I'm using query binding for data.
Any other choices?

It looks like your query is grouping the results in the Time column by day. Can you switch it do minutes or just raw datetime? You can't really have best fit lines or interpolation when you have 3 values at the same X position in a graph (i.e. a slope of infinite)

If you can stretch out your graph, you may get the results you're looking for naturally.


If you can't change the query groupings, you might be able to use a script transform and do some kind of average on the day's values so you only get one point per x position.

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You can do what @Felipe_CRM has suggested or can possibly use the Time Series component utilizing the interpolation option as covered here. Properties > Plots > Trends > interpolation

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Actually, in my case it's mandatory to show multiple values per day (if available) so I can't use average value.

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Hey @kyler.kamyszek Thanks for the new info.

changed my component as time series. But I'm facing issue (Initial & End values not showing properly).