XY Chart Not Displaying First Datapoint Label

I am currently working in ignition 8.1.7 and when sending a parameter to a XY chart that has an object with an array through a carousel view the first label is always absent, the error also persists if the table is not embedded and just put in the view.

Whether the object contains 1 item or 150, the first label is always blank, the data shown, however, is correct which tells me it is reading everything but the “module” value for the first entry only. I’m curious if this is a bug anyone else has come across or if it is down to user error.

The XY chart is formatted as a Bar Chart with multiple series, thank you in advance for any help!

After throwing a bunch of stuff at a wall and hoping it sticks, I found setting the grid position to -1 and the minDistance to 1 seemed to do the trick.