XY Chart parsing date in tooltip for a category rendered MM-dd to get day of week

I am trying to show the day of the week.
I think I will use the format of eee to show Tues from the example.
Formatting Date & Time – amCharts 4 Documentation]
However, I don't know how to parse my date.
How do I parse the date in the tooltip?

Dates come as 11-01 for November 1st for example.

Hoping I don't have to rewrite my query.


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I don't have a date.

I just have a category with MM-dd.
Or do I misunderstand what you're saying?

Tried it, but it didn't seem to work for my categorical value.
I will have to change the query.
I might try adding a column to the outermost subquery, and see if it negatively impacts the other values.

Yes, you'll need to pass a date, not a string.

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