XY Chart Population via HDA

I was wondering if there’s a way to drive the chart via an HDA pen similar to how it functions using the Vision Easy Chart.

Unless I’m missing something, using Tag History Binding doesn’t allow the use of HDA tags?

As a workaround, we can use the system.opchda.readProcessed() function, but using it limits the amount of data we can request at a time (The PI HDA only allow’s 10,000 values returned via an HDA call in this manner).

Any ideas?

Thank you

Any tag history binding source should allow you to query HDA data - you specifically added a history provider for your HDA source already?

I did.

I’m unable to see the HDA as a selectable tag provider when using a Tag History binding.

Here’s an example of how it’s working in Ignition 7.9.5:

And here’s what I’m seeing in Ignition 8:

Hmm, at least part of the problem is that we’re strictly giving you a realtime tag browser, not a historical tag browser - that’s easy enough to fix. As for the backslashes, try double-escaping them; eg:
\\PI.Bakersfield -> \\\\PI.Bakersfield when defining it in the binding configuration.

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No number of slashes pass through to the tagpath binding. It seems like you guys have a parser in place that automatically parses out specific special characters?

If you look at the view.json resource on disk, are the backslashes present there? I was just in that area, and don’t remember any parsing logic, but it may be happening incidentally due to some other handling.

They are not. Just the value the Tag Path area forced after removing the special characters.

Also… it doesn’t like me using multiple words preceded by periods.
.crc works
.com works
.crc.com doesn’t work

I’m assuming this is because it think’s it’s a property on a tag and is disallowing the user to ‘chain’ properties together?

When I manually type:
[BK_PI_HDA]\\\\PI-Bakersfield.crc.com\\SINUSOID into the view.json file and merge changes down to the designer I get the errors:



Any update on this?

I’m assuming the functionality isn’t currently built in. If that’s true, can I request it be added?

Thank you

Thank you, this also work with the script function system.tag.queryTagHistory().
Like you said , paths must be changed from


This is very non intuitive and should be included in the help page of the system.tag.queryTagHistory()
“If using a HDA History provider, bla bla bla” :slight_smile:

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