XY chart series values color not changing according to theme selection

How can i change the color of X and Y series values according to light and dark themes.??
i tried may time and many ways to set --neutral-90 but nothing has changed.

The XY Chart component is an implementation of AM Charts XY Chart. Some of these external components are not theme aware.

I have worked around the problem as follows:

  • Assume that any dark them will start with the letters “dark”.
  • Create a Perspective session custom object. I called mine sessChartColorSet. Create enough values for the maximum number of pens you need.
  • Create an expression binding on each of the values something like this:
if(left({this.props.theme}, 4) = 'dark',
  • Bind each chart props.series.0.line.appearance.stroke.color to the appropriate session color. In this case it would be session.custom.sessChartColorSet[0].

It’s a bit of trouble but worth the effort if you are allowing users to select the theme. The default colors are a bit too similar to allow easy visual differentiation.

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