XY Chart step line - problem rendering the lines

I am trying to setup an XY Chart displaying "step line" data. To perform some testing, I have dragged the XY Chart component and used the default configurations, applying the following changes:

  • I deleted the second series (the one named output temp)
  • I set the render property of the first series (the one named process temp) to "step line", obtaining the following result

(Note that the dates at the bottom at the X chart are formatted M/d/yy)

What is not clear to me is the following: from the data sources, we can see that process_temp has a value of 63 for Aug 07 2018 and 59 for Aug 08 2018. This is also confirmed by the position of the "dot" in the graph. Why does the line connecting the dots drops in the middle then? Should it not drop exactly at Aug 08 2018? With this representation it kinda looks like the value of process_temp dropped half way between the 7th and 8th Aug (and the same applies for all the following points).
I did not see anything in the configuration that would allow me to align the steps with the actual values.

Looking around, I found that in an AM Chart (which I believe is the library used by Perspective to graph data, feel free to correct me if I am wrong) this option can be achieved by changing the "locationX" property of the chart (see the AM Charts documentation for reference). Is there a way to edit the property from the component? Or is there a better way to solve this issue?


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If anyone will see this in the future, the solution is to add the property "startLocation" in the series