XY Chart Tooltip

as you see below the label is shown on the line as a circle bullet and everything is fine ,all the credit goes to the friends in our community to help me show the label .

But I have a new challenge that I can not show the label as Total 2023 month 8: xxxx cases.
I put label as {name}: [bold]{valueY} {valueX}[/] cases
but it cannot show month value and show as you see Total 2023 : xxxx cases.

How to solve this ?


I presume you are referring to this thread:

I'm guessing that you have the x-axis configured as "category" rather than date or a value. That means you need to use,
{name}: [bold]{valueY} {categoryX}[/] cases

The chart component is based on AM Charts and you can find details on options here:

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