XY Chart x axis constant lines

I have an XY Chart that I'm using as a histogram, and I want to plot 3 x axis lines on. One for target, USL and LSL. I've pulled the relevant data in my query as LSL, Target, and USL columns, but I can't get the line to show on the chart. I feel like I'm on the right track and I should just be able to add a series and the data would be the column from the dataSource.

On the screenshot below the LSL should be at 0.74, target at 0.84, and USL at 0.94. But note that these numbers change depending on what attributes are selected.

Thanks for the help!

Solved my own problem. I'm leaving this here for anyone searching in the future.

I added a series, name Target, data > x: Target, y: count. Changed the render to line, stroke.dashArray: 11, even though there's some weird rendering overlap issue and dashArray gives an array error.

Rinse and repeat for the rest.