XY Chart Z Index Error

I noticed that when I have one series set to line and another set to column, I get the following result (line covered with column but dot on top of column). Running on OSX 10.14.1. 8.0.0-beta0 (b2018122002)

Here are the settings I modified:


Thank you for the bug report. We’ve added this to our backlog.


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I forgot that this feature already exists in props. You can configure the z-order of the desired series via it’s zIndex property. This will allow you to stack the line series on top of column.

By default, all series have a zIndex of 0. Bullets have a zIndex slightly greater than the line it’s associated with, so that it may be stacked on top of it’s associated line. If the column’s z-order is 0 and the line’s z-order is 0, you get what we are seeing here, where the bullets are stacked on top of the columns since there z-order is slightly greater than 0.

Hope that helps,


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That makes sense. Thanks