XY Plot and Status Chart X axis misalignment

Hello, using Ignition 7.4.3. I have a screen that has an XY plot showing a temperature profile above a status chart. I’m trying to use the status chart to show the status of a certain parameter at different times during the temperature profile, but it seems like the points on the X axis do not match up. Here’s a picture with vertical lines drawn in where the two charts should align.

My data for the XY chart is:

0.0	30.0
7.0	275.0
8.0	275.0
9.39	400.0
12.39	400.0
14.61	650.0
16.11	650.0
17.94	775.0
21.94	775.0
23.44	700.0
26.53	700.0
27.36	645.0
29.28	645.0
30.11	700.0
33.11	700.0
34.78	445.0
39.94	30.0

Data for the series chart is:

0.0 0 7.0 1 8.0 2 9.39 3 12.39 4 14.61 0 16.11 1 17.94 2 21.94 3 23.44 4 26.53 0 27.36 1 29.28 2 30.11 3 33.11 4 34.78 0 39.94 1

You can see both charts have the same exact X axis values. The status chart I used alternating values just to clearly show changes. I removed all chart padding and it seems to work for the first two points, but then it goes in and out of alignment for most of the other points with no consistent bias. Is there any way I can get them to align, or duplicate the look of the status chart with a regular chart component?

Another question: Is it possible to get the status chart to use numbers for the X axis instead of forcing everything into a date type?

Ok, I seem to have answered my own question somewhat. If I convert the number of hours into an actual date/time for the status chart then the values match up pretty exactly: i.imgur.com/lR3eO7Q.png. I can then hide the range axis labels and it works out pretty well. I guess that leaves me with my other question. Can the status chart understand anything on the range axis except date/times?

No, it’s built around the idea that the X-axis represents time.

The reason the alignment is off is because it’s rounding your floating point values, since behind the scenes every data point for time is converted to a long integer representing millis since epoch.

It looks like you might be able to hack around this my multiplying all your ‘timestamps’ by 10 to keep the decimals from being rounded away.