XY text annotation in fixed position (jfree chart)

i am using this script for show text in histogram chart. but i don’t know how to place the text in fixed position

mine scripting text position is changing depends upon the dataset value

but i want text to be placed at TOP LEFT CORNER of the chart

Normality_TextPosition = chart_obj.Bell.getValueAt(2, 0)
		annotation_p = y_range - (y_range * 0.03)
		annotation = XYTextAnnotation('Normality Test Pass', Normality_TextPosition, annotation_p);
		annotation.setFont(Font("SansSerif", Font.BOLD, 11));	

i tired annotation.setTextAnchor(TextAnchor.BOTTOM_LEFT); but this also not working

can any one have idea?

how to modify my script to get my desire output?