XYChart component as template

Hey there, I am new to ignition and currently working with a XYChart component, Im trying to use the XYChart as a template and call it from a flex repeater.
Why this way ? because the number of bars in the XYChart its not going to be the same always. So according to my data in the flex repeater I want to call the XYChart and to show X number of bars.

So this is how I am trying to do it and something is wrong:
I have my XYChart component and its working on its own

As you can see I have the template and if my schedule_data is binding to the view.custom_schedule_data its works fine.

In the template I have the custom schedule_data that works and the param schedule_data which I expect to be filled with the flex repeater


Then, from my view (the one with the flex repeater) I have the following configuration:
First I have the custom view_data (this one is the array that will be changing,for this example I have Fin Press 1 and Fin Press 2 as the first picture , but it could be more or just one)

I can only put 3 images in the post, but the custom view_data has the same exactly info that the view.custom.schedule_data from my template for this example.

In the flex repeater I have the path to my template and the instances is binding to the custom view_data array and in my template I change the schedule_data binding to the view.params.schedule_data

But here is where it don't show anything.
Of course I am getting something wrong, I would appreciate the help !!

For your instances in the flex repeater, if you expand each instance in the property viewer, do they contain an property called 'schedule_data'? If not, then your template is not going to have any of your expected data passed to it.

The properties in each instance defined in the template repeater are passed to the template view as params with their property name as their key. Your template view is looking for a parameter with a key of 'schedule_data'. If the instance in your template repeater does not have that, it's passed a null.