XYChart scrollbar issue - extra X-axis labels showing up

I've got a little stacked bar graph which shows plant state over time, with a scrollbar to zoom in with:

On first loading the page, it works great. However - when I refresh the source data (which happens via a binding on the data source, either timed or triggered on selection change), I get the X-axis labels showing up in the scrollbar section:

This is a little odd, but wouldn't be the end of the world, except that if I change the source data to show a shorter date range (using a date select box, not shown here), the extra X-axis labels stay at the maximum duration (they don't adjust for the new, shorter, data), making the graph very confusing:

(Note, going the other way - making the date range longer - DOES adjust the axis correctly).

Turning off either the scrollbars or the X-axis labels seems to stop the issue, but then I lose useful functionality. I just want to get that extra X-axis label in the scroll/zoom area to stop showing up at all...any ideas?

To look further into this behavior I think a support ticket would be necessary. If possible please create a support ticket and provide more information regarding the behavior you are experiencing so that we can troubleshoot the cause and fix the issue.

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Ok, thanks. How do I create a support ticket?


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