Xychart stacked bar not functioning

Somehow the stacked bar function is not working as expected.

I am using Ignition V8.1.26

  1. create a new xychart with default values.
  2. change the both value display to column.

  3. both column selected "Stacked"
  4. the display is like this, only the bar height is increased, not stacked.

Both series need to be on the same y-axis. If you change series[0].yAxis to output temp, it will stack as expected


Thank you.

It resolved the issue.

I am looking for the other kind of stacked bar.
The current stacked bar is one above the other, I am looking for the one behind the other, so I can see the difference.

Is it possible?

That's not a stacked bar then. I don't know what you would call it and I'm not sure what use it would be if it looks like a stack and when the front bar obscures the rear bar. Where have you seen these used?

If you introduce a third, empty series or series of zero values you should be able to introduce a gap between each pair of side by side values. That should make it clearer for value comparison.

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It will be used to check:

  1. what's the setpoint
  2. what's the feedback
  3. what's the error

I used a PI tool which can achieve this function.

If it is not possible to create it in Ignition, I can set the two values side by side, similar deal.

Thanks for the comments.

That is called a Layered Column Chart in Amcharts.
You can acheive that by adding the clustered key and setting it to false on both series - series[0].clustered

You can also set series[1].column.appearance.width and series[1].zIndex to 1 to bring it to the front


Just did it.

Thank you for the advise.

one more question:
you can see from the above picture that the x axis lists even number only.
What's the setting that can allows me to specify the x axis marker? I want to display all numbers (from 0 to 45).

Try lowering the value of xAxis[0].appearance.grid.minDistance

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It works.

BTW, where can I find these kind of information?
Is there any user manual listing the details of all of the properties?
So far I am just wild guessing and trying every setting to see how it works.

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I've been able to find most info I need by digging through the docs here https://www.amcharts.com/docs/v4

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