XYChart x axis mark display

I have a set of data

When displaying on the XYChart, the x axis only displayed the even index. I would like to display all index as marker in x axes.
I found the interval setting for when selecting "xAxes/render" to "date". I need to change it to "category" to display the value correctly. But there's no interval setting under the "category" section.

Appreciate if anyone can help to guide through this setting.

Just wonder is it possible to specify the marker display on x axis?

Not possible to manipulate the x axis marker in XYChart?

I spent on off a couple of hours playing around the XYChart, still cannot find the solution.

I kind of miss FTView which defines major and minor marker for both x and y axis, easily.


Try to set the parameter "minDistance" to 0 (from "None") in "appearance"->"grid"