XYChart X Date Base Interval Issue

Hello Everyone

I have this issue on Ignition 8.1.16
When I try to graph one line over stacked bars x-axis does not correspond to the expected value. I try using based interval but I show another day in labels.

my data:

I did not have this issue on 8.1.13

Any Suggestion?

XYChart.txt (60.9 KB)

Yes. Post the code for the chart using the </> formatting button. That way we can recreate the problem. It’s usually not much use posting pictures of data as we can’t copy and paste to try it out or modify it in our answers.
Remove the binding from the chart data temporarily, right-click on the chart in the Project Browser and copy into the forum. If you want to be really neat select all the code, hit the gear icon and select Hide Details.


I recently had a similar issue
I set for category on the x axis, in this case your t_stamp

I set:
40 minDistance grid spacing
12 font, 0.5 positioning

Not sure what you will have to do, but I think this may help. As I couldn’t get base interval to work either.

thanks for your recommendation, I uploaded a text file because due to the number of characters I couldn’t publish the code with </>