Y axes max value and auto grow


I want the Y axes of my chart (configured as a bar chart) to have a range from 0-100 but auto grows when the value is greater than zero.
I would aspect using the range min 0 and max 100 with useStrict false would do the trick but it doesn’t.
Can someone explain why this won’t work?

I have send a mail to IA support and the response that I got was:
To answer your second question, you may set the max value using an Expression Binding that returns the maximum value if it is greater than 100, but returns 100 otherwise, like this:

In my example, I am only checking one data point. I would recommend writing an expression that gets the maximum value in the entire dataset, otherwise your bar chart’s max value will still be at 100 in some cases where a data point goes over that value.

I didn’t use the expression because I got 4 values to look for. What I did, because I already used a transform script, was adding a script that finds the highest value in a dataset and put that value in the max value. If the max value was lower than 100 I just put in 100. The function I used was:

def findHigestValueInDataset(data,headersToSearch=[]):
	py_data = system.dataset.toPyDataSet(data)
	max_value = 0
	row_count = py_data.getRowCount()
	for i in range(row_count):
		for header in headersToSearch:
			value = py_data.getValueAt(i, header)
			if value > max_value:
				max_value = value
	return max_value 

I don’t have an answer to what the exact function of the property useStrict is because it seems to change nothing at this point.