Yaskawa MP2600iec, What module for Connectivity?

We have some equipment with Yaskawa drives (with the MP2600iec PLC addon). I've been tasked with connecting the equipment to ignition.
The current setup is using the main port in a device network (switch, HMI, Modbus IO module, PLC) HMI communicates through EtherNet/IP, most variables aren't setup to be mirrored to Modbus.

I've been able to connect with the Modbus TCP driver and get the variables there, but most of the variables I need access to would be coming from the HMI (meaning over EtherNet/IP)
I'm a complete noob at EtherNet/IP, and I haven't been able to figure out which Module would work for connectivity.

I searched on here and found the only reference to any yaskawa plc is someone asking for EE student practice with someone saying it can run EtherCat or EtherNet/IP (over my head at the moment) Nothing about connectivity, etc.

I've tried multiple random modules to see if maybe this controller will work with one of the default protocols, but every one I try either does not connect, claims it's running, but I can't seem to setup any tags (definitely can't browse tags).

What module would I need to connect this PLC and be able to browse tags?

And as homework, is there a good resource where can I learn more about the EtherNet/IP, how it works, etc.? (yes i've googled, but it seems the first page is full of addicles that explain one point, then try and sell you on their product to connect to EtherNet/IP... hasn't been very helpful)

Hmm. Wasn't familiar with that. Just did some reading.

Based on the MotionWorks document I found, this device does not expose general global memory via EtherNet/IP.

It optionally exposes selected global memory addresses as Modbus addresses (per YEA-SIA-IEC-4 § 1.9.2).

It optionally exposes selected global memory addresses as EtherNet/IP I/O adapter buffers (per YEA-SIA-IEC-4 § 1.9.4). Multiple buffers are available and can be enabled individually. A PLC scanner or the premium version of my EtherNet/IP Class 1 Communications Module is required to access these.

It optionally scans other EtherNet/IP I/O adapters (per YEA-SIA-IEC-4 § 1.9.5). My EtherNet/IP Class 1 Communications Module's base version can act as an I/O adapter for such scanners.

EtherNet/IP is a subset of the CIP specification ("Common Industrial Protocol") from ODVA (includes ControlNet and DeviceNet and variations). You must pay to become a subscriber to access it all (about 3000 pages of material in its latest version).


Hmm. It does appear to have a built-in OPC server. It doesn't say OPC/UA, so probably is OPC/DA. If your Ignition gateway is Windows, you could try the OPC/DA connector.

The manual indicates that global variables can be individually exposed to OPC or not.

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