Yokogawa MW100 addressing

Ok I am totally new to SCADA and Ignition and have not touched this kind of work since college.
I am trying to get all 60 of the MW100 channels defined as tags in Ignition but not having any luck.
Even in the quick client I simply get disconnected of Unknown quality and no value. I can see the address and data if I use a program such as Modbus Poll to read the registers. I will share setting if I need to but not even sure I am starting about this the correct way.

I’m unfamiliar with that specific device, but it communicates with Modbus, right? If it is, then I have a couple questions for you.

1)What addresses are you trying to get to?
2)Are you using the address list?

The most common mistake in the address list is including the leading 4 on Holding Registers (ie: 40001 shoudl be 1). You can also manually create a SQLTag and set the address to [device_name]HR1 and see if that works. There’s a lot more info about getting addresses from a Modbus device in the user manual.