Your favorite Jython modules?

I’ve been wanting to import NumPy but it looks like due to this being Jython 2.5, that won’t be possible. Do you guys have any alternatives, or any other favorite modules you use in Ignition?

You can use Python 2.5 packages ( check this link for all of them ). I searched " math " in the web page ( CTRL + F ) and one package called " pyion " seems to do some math stuff.
Hope this can help you.

The inability to use NumPy isn’t really a v2.5 issue – it isn’t going to work when jython is updated to v2.7 either. The issue is that NumPy is not a pure python library – all of the heavy-duty number crunching is done in ‘C’, using CPython’s interface for native code. That interface does not (cannot) work in any Java environment. For native ‘C’ code to be made accessible in Jython, it must use Java’s native interface instead. AKA the ‘JNI’.
If you really need extreme code speed for number crunching, you should be looking for Java libraries (which would be accessible in jython), not python libraries. See this overview at NIST.
Consider also browsing the jar files in an Ignition install to see just how much is available already in its default collection of Java libraries.