Z-Wave drive and OPC server for Zigbee from Matrikon

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I hope everyone continue to stay safe and healthy
My guess Z-Wave driver you have mentioned from GitHub.com is unsigned. Any idea how to make it work?
Is it required a development license?
As well you mentioned Travis Z-Wave driver is it the same driver from Github.com of different?
Matrikon works on OPC server for Zigbee devices and looking for Beta Testers
Maybe worth a shot
Stay safe

The instructions to allow unsigned modules are in the github repo for the z-wave driver:

I have tried didn’t work for me
Will try again

I have found an easy way to use unsigned modules.
If network cable unplugged no problem to add unsigned module.

That would be a bug. And probably won’t continue working if Ignition restarts while connected.

“Didn’t work for me” is pretty vague.
Can you upload your ignition.conf file?

I agree is pretty vague.
I have tried on different PC the same way unplugged cable
and install unsigned module.
unless it is a coincidence.