Zebra ET51 Windows Tablets

Has anyone had any success with using a Zebra ET51 windows tablets with the 2D area image scanner for reading barcodes? We’re looking into them as an option to run Perspective apps and have a better barcode scanner than just a basic camera (our barcodes are pretty dense and it’s hard to capture them with a standard iPad camera sometimes).

If it’s Windows based, you won’t have a ‘native’ app experience; currently Perspective Workstation doesn’t expose any hooks to native device camera, filesystem, etc.

OK, so I assume I would have to do Vision then, in that case?

Either would work (it looks like the device runs full-fledged 64-bit Windows), but you’ll currently have an easier time interacting with the actual device in Vision, yes.

In both Vision and Perspective, a barcode scan that comes through via the keyboard should ‘just work’ - the difficulty would only be if you’re trying to ‘pop up’ the camera to scan a barcode like you can on e.g. a smartphone. If there’s a dedicated physical scanning device with a hardware trigger, I would expect Vision or Perspective to be fine w.r.t barcode scanning.

Ya, that’s the only thing I don’t know for sure and was hoping someone on here had experience with these devices specifically before we purchased. Thanks for the help!