Zero/Tare a scale head using Ignition?

I was wondering if anyone has been successful in creating a button in Ignition that can send a Tare or a Zero command to a scale head. Specifically, I am using the PS_IN202 scale head. I’ve tried Googling but haven’t found anything helpful. If it is possible, would you mind providing a little snippet of the code. Thanks in advance.

Are you connecting the scale directly to the Ignition gateway using the serial modules, or using a serial -> ethernet converter and the TCP driver?

Based on this document it looks like you just need to send a CRLF terminated sequence with the correct characters, which you should be able to do with either driver.

Yes, I am using the serial modules. I had found that same document but I guess it isn’t making sense to me. Do you know what script I would use to send that CRLF command?

First, configure the serial port:
Then open it to write:
Then, write to it:
Assuming the previously linked document is accurate, system.serial.write("COM<whatever>", "ST\r\n") (or "SZ\r\n", for Scale Tare / Scale Zero, I’m assuming) should send the appropriate bytes.


Thank you, sir. I changed it to serial.writeString(“ST\r\n”) and it worked perfectly.

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