Zip Installer Hardcoded Paths

I was playing with v7.9.16 today for some module testing and noticed that the zip installer has picked up hard coded paths pointing at /usr/local/bin/ignition, /var/lib/ignition/data, and /var/lib/ignition/temp. Maybe more… My zip install script is now busted, and it looks like it breaks any attempt to do multiple installs in one VM (not that I do that much).

Was this deliberate? Or just something that snuck in? I’ve noted that it is not true for v8.0.16 nor v8.1.0.

This was not intentional. It should be fixed for 7.9.17. There was some discussion of re-uploading artifacts with corrected paths but it never went anywhere AFAIK…

It screwed up kcollins’ docker images too:

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Dont you mean not fixed? :grin:


@nminchin Stop. :joy:

We’ll get those Linux zips updated shortly - I was having issues with uploading to our file server that are now resolved.

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I was wondering why those SHA256 hashes changed. :grinning:

Hey Kevin, have you tried the Linux x64 download recently for 7.9.16? I updated it last week but when I went to download it I wasn’t getting the latest version of the zip I had uploaded. Hoping it was a caching/PEBCAK issue on my end.

Yeah, that latest version is what tripped the SHA256 hashes I had coded into my Dockerfile from the original 7.9.16 release packaging. Should be all good now…

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