Zulu Platform x64 Architecture using too much CPU

Hello, the Zulu Platform x64 Architecture process is loading my CPU very heavily, can you tell me how to solve this?

This include everything that you have in Ignition, so if you have a lot of projects, with a lot of scripts, or scripts that are CPU heavy will contribute to this.

One of the first place to check is "Status" -> "Diagnostics" -> "Running Scripts"

If you see scripts there with high "Elapsed Time", those scripts might be a good place to start

No, because this isn't nearly enough information to offer any useful advice. At a minimum-

  • What Ignition version are you using? You tagged three different versions in your topic.
  • Is this the gateway, or the designer, or a Vision client?
  • If it's the gateway, what is the gateway doing? Running many Perspective clients, managing many tags, talking to many devices?
  • What is your indication there's actually a problem here? It's entirely possible this is just how much CPU is necessary for whatever operations you've asked (again, assuming) the gateway to perform.
  • Memory allocation for the gateway itself is low. It might be that CPU is high because it's struggling to stay within the memory limits it's assigned. That's, again, an assumption, because you provided basically no info :slight_smile:

I can not understand from the screenshot, where did you go to find the tab "Status"?

Gateway webpage


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