Zulu Platform x64 Architecture using way too much processor percentage in ver: 8.0.16 (b2020082513)

What module is using this service? If i am not using it I will remove it. Zulu used too much CPU and my system crashed. I found if i turned SQL server off the Zulu process stopped misbehaving.

Zulu is the name for the commercially-supported java implementation that runs Ignition. If Zulu is using too much CPU, it means Ignition is using too much CPU.


SQL Server is a known memory hog that steals all available memory in whatever server you put it. That crushes Ignition, which won’t grab memory until it needs it, and if it can’t get it, it will do extra garbage collection cycles to compensate.

Bottom line: Constrain SQL Server’s memory use, or even better, put your DB on a separate machine. (I always do the latter.)


Did you solve the issue?
I have the cpu working at 100%, even when if I give more cores.
I tried to disable databases, tag historian but the store and forward is filling the buffer and all the system is stuck…

You should probably start a new topic, and share all of your system details. There’s too many possible reasons for the behavior you (briefly) described.