8.1.29 LTS Pulled, 8.1.30 Emergency Release

After 8.1.29’s release, we found a notable regression within the reporting module. As a result we’ve pulled version 8.1.29 from our website, and will release version 8.1.30 tomorrow.

The Issue

When attempting to produce a report that contains a table group, the execution will fail and the report is not created. The issue appears in all reporting contexts (report preview, report viewer components, etc.).

The attached images demonstrate the failure. The issue will only occur if you upgrade to 8.1.29 and attempt to use the reporting module in any of these contexts.

Version 8.1.30

We removed Ignition version 8.1.29 from our downloads page to prevent any users from encountering this issue. Version 8.1.30 will be released tomorrow, which contains a patch.


And here was me cursing my colleague for installing a beta version because I just downloaded and installed the latest stable version on new hardware and tried to restore his gateway backup (8.1.29) and it failed due to a newer version :rofl:

Thanks for the heads up!

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Will 8.1.30 also fix the regression of the horizontal menu someone else reported in perspective?

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8.1.30 only differs from 8.1.29 by the single ticket Chris mentioned.

Looks like the Perspective team is working on 7995 right now though, so there's a good chance it will be in 8.1.31. You can contact support and have them notify you when that ticket is completed.

8.1.30 is now available on the downloads page.