8.1-rc2 Cannot pull tag history over gateway network

Not sure if this is a known bug is rc2, but I am not able to get any tag history to show up in my trends after upgrading to rc2, there were no changes in configuration from rc1, the history just stopped showing up. I can still browse the tags in the historian fine, but it won’t pull actual values.

I’m not sure if it’s related, but I definitely have issues with the Time Series Chart using tag history in 8.1.0 RC1

After updating to 8.1.0 RC1 the screens where we have the Time Series chart (using tag history bindings for the data) are much slower. The performance affects other objects on the screen. For instance it can take about 4 seconds for a toggle switch to change states. This particular issue was not present in previous versions that we have tried including 8.0.11 for sure and also 8.0.15 I believe.

Additionally, the autoscaling of the y-axis appears to be broken as well where it doesn’t work all of the time. We have it set up that we can toggle pens on and off and it works with some pens off but not with off of them on. Doesn’t make sense to me and it worked before.

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There have been changes to the licensing for the Tag Historian as of RC2 that will be in effect for 8.1.0. A Tag Historian license is now required for storing or querying history via Ignition or any 3rd party modules that use the Tag Historian APIs.

Can you please confirm that both systems you are using for Tag History (central system and the remote system) have a licensed Tag Historian module or have the Tag Historian module in a Trial mode?


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So if we are storing data into 3rd party Canary Historian directly from Ignition with their module we have to buy the full Ignition Tag Historian license to upgrade from 8.0.16 to 8.1.0?

In essence yes, in the sense that 3rd party history modules use the tag historian APIs that are provided by the tag historian module.

However, we’ll have a backwards compatibility capability on existing licenses- it’s not our goal to break existing functionality on upgrade.

We’re sorting through some issues that may have been introduced with tag path manipulation, could you please go to Status>Logs in the gateway, click the gear “Log Config” button, look for “tags.history.query”, and set it to Debug? Then go open the chart, and go back and look for the log message “Starting history query for…”. Copy that and put it here, I’d like to see what the tag paths look like when they get to that point. We may have to go deeper, but that’s a good starting point.

Hey @Colby.Clegg, looks like my problem was the licensing. I just honestly wasn’t expecting that level of a change because I’ve been using the gateway network for history querying since it was introduced. I do understand the reason from a business perspective, I just wasn’t looking in that area. My log was barking about not being able to store history for licensing reasons I just didn’t put 2 and 2 together to gather it was blocking querying as well.

Tag Historian does not seem to be working for me either after the upgrade. We should have the license set up but data is not saving at the rate it should be and isn’t working like it did previously. I can look in the data base and it is updating sometimes, but not at the rate it should be. Specifically, the issue appears to be when using the On Change setting. Has something changed with how On Change works?