About CFR 21 in Igntion


I am looking for the eSignature functionality in Ignition 8.1, which is generally use for Pharma Standard. So I am searching about it , but unfortunately i am not get any information about it,
so any one help me to tell that, how we will implement esignature functionality in Igntion 8.1.

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I am no expert, and surely others in the community have real-world practical experience building 21 CFR compliant projects in Ignition who should chime in, but take a look at these links, which might give you some inspiration:

You’ll need to understand the requirements, and then build your project to fulfill the requirements. Ignition should have everything you need to build 21 CFR compliant applications. I believe Part 11 of 21 CFR is of particular importance, especially when it comes to the e-signature requirements.

If you are using Perspective and IdPs, we just added a new feature coming in 8.1.16 which will surely help: New "Authentication Challenge" Feature in Perspective

Thank you @jspecht for your reply, but I want to know that, how to implement e-signature in ignition, I mean is it any inbuild functionality in SCADA or any binding.

There is no first-class “e-signature” component or anything like that in Ignition. My understanding is that an e-signature can be captured from the target user by digitally authenticating them and then auditing the event. Obviously that is oversimplifying things, but that’s the essence of it…