Adding Icons to Perspective Icon Library

In searching the catalog of icons in Google Fonts, I come across a lot of useful icons that are not available to select in Ignition designer. This is especially annoying for the Menu Tree component, which seems to require the use of icons instead of images.


The linked icon is in the "material-icons" class, so I'm confused why it is not already included.
Is there any plans to add these missing icons into the icon library in Ignition?

A solution for custom icons was proposed here.
I don't have direct access to the server that the gateway runs on. If anyone has a suggestion for custom icons just using designer, I am open to hear it.


Check out this exchange resource that adds all material icons. Although direct shell access to the server would be the easiest way to import, you can use a script on a view to copy the svgs in, something like this:

import shutil

# First, import the svg directory and save it somewhere on the server, perhaps via file upload component
svg_dir_path = "/path/to/your/svg/directory"
icons_dir_path = "/usr/local/bin/ignition/data/modules/com.inductiveautomation.perspective/icons"

shutil.copytree(svg_dir_path, icons_dir_path)

On this, and for situations like this, I'm intending to make a gw file explorer View of sorts to be able to add edit and remove files on the gw. It's also been high on my list to create an icon library management tool to be able to view and edit icon libraries. I'll put them up on the exchange when I get around to building them


That's a great idea, would love to see this resource!

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We’ve built an icon library management view, it’s not ready for prime-time on the exchange but I’ll see if I can get it posted here in this thread.


20231013_165644 (40.4 KB)

All props go to @CalebM, this is his baby.

You can:

  • View all icon libraries
  • Create new icon libraries
  • Delete icon libraries
  • Add icons to a library (either by uploading SVGs or a zip of SVGs)
  • Delete icons from a library

Use at your own risk.

It's not too far away from an exchange release, but anything involving reading and writing to the gateway filesystem is a big deal. I don't want anything to do with bork-ing someone's production gateway because of path or temporary file issues.

The icon manager resource is now posted on Ignition Exchange, check it out here:


Have yet to try it on windows but it should theoretically work. I was able to create a library with the entire material symbols library I pulled from GitHub.

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