Adding multiple client tags in one time

I’m searching a script who can create multiple client tags, but i didn’t find anything.

Have you any ideas for how can I do this?

Best, Charles ANDRE

As pointed out below, the solution I thought would work actually doesn’t.

Incorrect Solution

I think you could do this with system.tag.configure. I would

  1. Create a client tag (by hand).
  2. Inspect it using [system.tag.getConfiguration].(system.tag.getConfiguration - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation)
  3. Modify it as necessary.
  4. Write the modified copies using system.tag.configure.

I would create a tag, export, then use this as a template to create multiple, then import.

Edit, I know you mentioned script, but just making sure you are aware you can import/export.

system.tag.configure doesn’t work on “[Client]Tags/MyTag”, i’m searching to add tags into this path :confused:

Import/Export are disabled on this folder…

Main idea is to do same thing as creating new folder of tags in “[default]Tags/MyTag” but in “[Client]Tags/MyTag”

My mistake. For some reason I thought it did.

importTags and loadFromFile and other import related functionality doesn’t work for Vision Client tags:

Unfortunately, I don’t know of any good workarounds.

Not sure, but you can import/export client tags. I do it all of the time.

Do you have scripts / tasks to follow for this manipulation?
I tried in script but I have “user rights” errors, with an administrator account containing all the rights, see below:
with the following script:
system.tag.addTag(parentPath='[Client]Tags', name="TagMemory", tagType="MEMORY", dataType="Int2", value=25)


I was referring to using import/export, not scripts.