Airlink RV55 allowing ignition to send texts but it’s not receiving

Anybody have any tips? Looks like my Airlink isn’t receiving sms back from phones, ignition sends the texts fine but I’m not able to acknowledge alarms, Sierra wireless was no help

Were you able to figure it out?
Trying to purchase RV55 and came across this post.
Also not sure RV55 was tested by IA

I never got any help on this, not sure where to go from here

Have you run through the RV50 setup guide? I’ve only used the RV50x but i suspect the RV55 will be similar. There are configurations within the Airlink that point incoming messages back to the Ignition gateway (step 6 in the guide). Don’t forget to make sure the necessary ports are open too.

As a sanity check, have you also enabled two-way in the notification profile?

Lastly, may want to verify that the Airlink is actually receiving your texts. On the Airlink webpage, you can see this in the SMS section of the services tab.

Yeah I’ve gone through the guide, my issue doesn’t seem to be on the ignition end and Airlink wasn’t any help, I’m not receiving text on the Airlink at all, so I’m looking here for any help, it’s sending texts just fine

Alright, that narrows it down at least! I’m definitely not the most knowledgeable about cell networks, but in your situation I’d probably do two things: 1) try a different provider, and 2) get in touch with your provider to get their thoughts. Maybe you have some unusual send-only plan? Not sure if that’s a thing, really just spitballing.

If neither of those pan out, then it could still be something on the Airlink side, but I’d have no idea what.

Hi @tre99ahs,

Have you tried this?

or this

Update: I just received the RV55 device and was able to get it to work. I can acknowledge alarms by replying to the text messages with the ports (UDP) enabled and country code added.