Alarm Becomes Un-Shelved When Shelved From A Different Gateway

We have two gateways set up (A & B). B is set up as a remote tag provider to A. Both of these gateways have the Perspective Module. When an alarm from gateway B is shelved in gateway A, the alarm successfully shelves (we've confirmed this by looking at the isShelved property in the Designer). However, the alarm becomes un-shelved if the alarm is intermittent (isActive becomes False, and then becomes True again).

We don't see this issue whenever we shelve the alarm in it's native gateway B. When we shelve the alarm originating from a tag provider in gateway B, the alarm remains shelved for the entire X duration.

We've ensure that the Allow Shelving setting is set to True (Gateway Network - Remote Alarm Shelving).

We're using Ignition 8.1.15

Have you checked the isShelved prop in the master gateway?

I checked the isShelved property on both Designers (one connected to the gateway where the alarm is originating from, and one connected to the gateway which uses the other as a remote tag provider)