Alarm Displaypath/Label binding help

Hi All,

I am working on upgrading an existing application to Ignition.

I have a high number of Boolean Tags which I would like to set up Alarming on. These tags have been exported out of the old system, manipulated in excel and imported into Ignition.

I would like to be able to show the “Tag Name” as the “Label” binding and “Tag Meta Documentation” as the “Display Path” binding in the alarm configuration.

Now this is simple enough to do manually, but since there is a high number (400+), what would be the best approach to achieve this efficiently?

I have unsuccessfully tried a few things. The main one being renaming the tags with a general convention like Alarm1, set up a UDT, and pass in a parameter which is used in an indirect tag binding for the above properties - I have a feeling you are not able to use an indirect tag binding in an expression?

If there’s one thing I have learnt picking up Ignition, there is always a way, so I thought I would ask you guys.

Thanks for the help.

So for example you want this?

You could relatively easily walk through all of your tag json and add this with jq I think: How to create / append bulk tooltips via script with json export? - #4 by PGriffith


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Yes that is exactly what I am after. Bulk edits with those bindings.

I will have a look into jqplay

Are there any guides around on how to use the jqplay tool?


Stack overflow might be your best friend here.

I had a quick play and this might be a starting point:
walk( if type == "object" and .setpointA then .label = {"bindType":"Tag", "value": "[.]\(.name).Name"} else . end)

You’ll need to replace the "[.]\(.name).Name" part to get the .name of the parent dictionary…

Ok, will have a play around


Got it:

With most of it coming from here:

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