Alarm Status table - sort order and ack notes

Two questions:
One is about the Sort Order. I want it to sort by "Unacknowledged" first, whether it is cleared or not, secondary sorted by time it occurred, then acknowledged alarms after that, again, secondary sorted by time it occurred.

Seems like "State_Time" is the only one that would work, but that one sorts first by "active, Unack", then "active, Ack", then "Cleared, Unack" third. which is not what I want, I want it to ignore the active/cleared state. I can't see a way to change that.
This seems like a pretty basic thing to make it behave the way our current software does and I'm frustrated.

Second question is about the "Ack Notes". I want the option for operators to add ack notes if they want to, but I don't want to force them by flagging all the alarms as "ack notes required". But if it's not set as "required", the text box doesn't appear for them to be able to type anything. I feel like I should be able to do that with scripting, but can't find in the manual where to even look for something like that.