Alarms questions

I have a few stupid questions, I want to trigger a sound control in Vision that when a new Alarm hits an alarm table it sets off the sound control. I had a script that would toggle a memory tag that the sound control monitored and would use the invoke later to turn the tag back off 6 seconds later. That tested fine, but could never get it to work in a pipeline script. I tired being very specific about the tag since the pipeline works at the gateway level, but never could get it to write to my tag. Any suggestions on how I might do this?

I also have an alarm on a System Tag on the device status so if a device disconnects then it shows up in the alarm table component, but it doesn’t seem to trigger the pipeline? I have the pipeline specified in the alarm. I tried creating a memory tag to watch the system tag and again it shows up in the alarm table, but again not triggering my alarm pipeline? I assume something must be wrong with it, but I have other tags using that pipeline and it works fine.

I would use an alarm listener, as shown in this thread,

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