Any way to organize storage of multiple projects differently? folder structure?

When you use the Designer Launcher and get the Open/Create Project window, and create a new project, is there any way to organize the projects differently or with a hierarchy, such as with a folder structure even? Has this ever come up, or am I off on the wrong track. As we get going and create new projects for customers, we’ll have ‘hundreds’ of projects and in this view it would be nice to organize them in such a way (e.g. by customer). I realize there is a way to filter, and that would help quite a bit if that’s it. Thanks.

You’re off track in that we don’t develop Ignition for the use case you’re proposing: multiple customers per gateway.

On its own, the idea of being able to organize those projects in the launchers, seems reasonable enough to me though… can’t hurt to post it at

OK, thanks much, I may do that. And to clarify a little, we would have projects/HMI’s customized per customer that we would need to have separate projects for in one ‘development’ gateway, so all of the source is stored (and thus backed up) from one place. It would be the project as commissioned for them, so we could reference it, fix bugs, enhance, at our site, send to them. I suppose along that line of thought we ‘could’ create multiple development gateways in some kind of fashion. That’s a thought.

You should. Maybe in VMs?

Do all your customers just happen to use the same tags? Same DB connections? Do you just have a massive dev gateway you plan to silo out by provider/connection/user profile etc?

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‘Mostly’ the same tags :slight_smile: . Engineer to Order, start from a standard and customize for them, so there will be some additions/differences, minor. Same DB connections, yes.
Our intent, just getting rolling, is to have one DEV gateway, so a central server, for our engineers, 10ish ultimately, can access to develop on, keep standard/master copies.

I’d recommend looking into using containers.

Using Docker Compose you can quickly spin up a replica of a client’s system, networking/databases/etc., using whatever the latest gateway backup is.


Concur. Dev instances for clients should be in a networking environment that replicates everything down to virtual device IP addresses and DNS resolution, so gateway backups “just work”. In both directions.

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