Can Vision Client Launcher filter projects by user permissions or whatever?

Hello, I’m testing considering Ignition as our main tool to implement RMS(remote monitoring system) service.

There are 3 scales in our business model; large scale(like power plant), middle scale(like single complex building), and small scale(like a family home).
For a large scale, we are planning to include servers and license, but in middle and small scale, we cannot include a license to the customers.
(Of course, we will provide Perspective to small scale customer, however, licenses cannot be included for mid-scale customers.)

Therefore I’m trying to filter the application in Vision Client Launcher, to offer exact project to their customer.
Although there are Project-A to Project-Z in a Gateway, Customer-A would see only Project-A.
In a single Ignition Gateway, there might be a number of projects, all customized for individual customer.

Can the current version of Ignition filter projects on Launcher based on User source or whatever?
I have continued to search for this issue, but the feature to filter projects seems to exist only in Designer.

If there a way to do so, please let me know any associated manual link or topic.
If not, and you are a developer of Ignition, I wonder if you are considering to put that feature in the future or not.

Thank you in advance.

(also, I checked below topic too.)

IA has indicated many times that they don’t officially support multi-tenant applications like you describe. They don’t forbid it, but you’re basically on your own. You might consider using a single project as a “landing” page with login, then display the appropriate hierachy of real projects (or just retarget immediately if only one applies).

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The Vision Client Launcher is a generic application that can connect to any gateway and launch any project. Authentication profiles don’t come into play until after you’ve chosen a gateway and project to launch the client against. Ever notice how you don’t have to log in to the launcher itself? You log in to the project you chose to launch on the gateway you’re looking at.

As Phil said, multi-tenant is not recommended or officially supported.



If by this you mean Maker Edition, you should re-read its license conditions. (No commercial use permitted.)

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Thank you for your attention and answer!