Automatic removal of Bad_Stale Tags on MQTT Engine Host Client when removed from MQTT Transmission client?

Running MQTT Transmission on a raspberry pi, publishing to an Eclipse Mosquitto MQTT broker with another raspberry pi running MQTT Engine subscribing to the broker. (bench testing)

With the creation of a new tag and a refresh on the raspberry pi running the MQTT Transmission module we see successful population of the tag on the MQTT Engine host client. But on the contrary, when removing a tag from the tag tree on the MQTT Transmission raspberry pi, we see a bad_stale value for that tag on the MQTT Engine host client instead of the tags removal…

Is there a possibility for automatic removal of tags if they have been removed from the edge transmission client or is that something the host client will need to manually delete?

Seems like Cirrus Link had this in their backlog at some point: MQTT Engine: auto-prune removed metrics? - #2 by wes0johnson

Not sure what the current status is. @wes0johnson ?

This is still a backlog item that has not been prioritized yet. As noted in the other thread, this can/must be done either manually (or via script).

Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.