Azure SQL Database Ignition Compatibility

Has anyone used or connected their Ignition Project with Azure SQL Database?

I cannot find any information on the compatibility with Azure SQL Database with Ignition 8.1. I wanted to use Azure SQL Database instead of just a VM with MSSQL.

If so, are you happy with the result? What is the server spec and how many tags does your project use?

I have not, but if you search for topics, it looks like it’s been done.

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@josborn, I have successfully connected it to the Azure SQL database.

The steps are pretty easy. You just have to use the JDBC connector from the Azure SQL database and its address. Almost the same steps as using MSSQL/Express.

Just moved a bunch of our old MSSQL DBs to Azure SQL. Ignition was easy, just change the connection string. I would make sure to update your JDBC driver to the latest. I used the DTU based tiers, its very easy to monitor performance and bump up or down accordingly.