BACNET Ignition driver unsupported objects?

Hi @Kevin.Herron,

The list of supported objects with the Ignition driver is quite limited regarding to the existing objects in the standards.

Is there any workaround to read/write the data of unsupported objects ?
Is there any plan to add new objects to the ignition driver ? especially Calendar …

BACNET Ignition Driver



Just to use Kepware.

Yes, but they aren’t planned or prioritized near term.

Sorry, probably not the answers you wanted to hear.

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Thanks for those clarifications.

Hi all,

We are faceing the the limitations of the BACnet Driver for ignition more often.
More and more customers espacialy in the buildigautomation industry are interessted in ignition but need to have an interface to BACnet which supports Types like TLOG(Trendlog) and Calendar.
The customers do also need an BTL certified solution because it is regulated for theire Projects to only use certified clients in the BACnet system. It would be great to have a B-OWS Level certified driver.
I would realy appreciate to raise the priority on the BACnet Topic over all.

kind regards

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BACNET - add Schedule for a remote Device

a possible workaround with this ticket

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