Bars distance in XY Chart

Hi Experts,
I have set my XY-Chart to Bar Graph, its showing Bars correctly while Y axis is consumption and X-axis is Week number. When I have added multiple series to display as Bars, the distance between bars is significantly more and user can’t distinct between records from Week one or week 2 due to scattered bars. It should be close to each other for a specific week. Can anyone let me know I can achieve it in XY Chart. Below is the picture of how my data is being represented.

Here is the result I am looking for:

Thanks in advance.

The issue was raised in How to add space between category bars - XY Chart and the fix is a bit of a kludge. (The solution was to add in some non-displaying columns using a binding transform.)

To get the columns to touch set PROPS.series.0.column.appearance.width = 100. Repeat for the columns 1, 2, etc.

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Thanks a ton Dear for your help. I can have bars together now by putting width to 90 (100 was looks bit overlapping columns). It would be great to have space after each category. Any thoughts on that. I have seen the post it looks I should add blank series in each category in my case it would be tougher.

I’ve never used more than one data source. All the results come out of my one query.
Try adding another dataSource, ds_blank with array entries 0 and 1 week : 0.

Hi @shabir.ahmed, It’s a bit of a fudge, but I managed to achieve it by creating 2 dummy datasources where the value for ‘Cons’ was zero for all instances and then creating them as the first and last series:

When doing this make sure the dummy series have their tooltips disabled and the column fill & stroke width & opacity set to zero.

Also note that you can’t really control the gap between the groups :frowning:

Let me know if you need further guidance.