Beaconing Device Status in Gateway

When using the “Is Connected” tag for showing device up/down status in gateway util in 7.7…

If the IP of the connection to the PLC is not valid I get a broken link overlay showing a tag and information symbol and the status in the gateway shows a cycling “Connecting…Connecting: Determining Protocol” then “Disconnected:Defining Protocol” message. I do not see the “0” state which should show a red transparent overlay and conversely a state of “1” which would showing the green transparent overlay if the connection was complete.

Question 1:
Is it possible to get or reference a tag which will show all Six states possible for the connection
(i.e. Connecting: Determining Protocol, Disconnected: Determining Protocol, Connected, Disconnected, Unknown) as shown in the Gateway->Configure->Devices table?

Question 2:
If the connecting process cannot complete due to an invalidor incomplete IP address say and the cycling of “Connecting: Determining Protocol” and “Disconnected: Determining Protocol” does not have a “state” assigned to it, is this what triggers the Broken Tag overlay with the information symbol?

Steven Rosbury
Miller-Eads Automation

The quality of the “Is Connected” tag shouldn’t be going bad when the connection drops, that’s likely a bug. That being said, the tag having bad quality is probably just as good an indicator that it’s not connected as value=False and good quality. So you could watch for (value=False || Bad Quality) wherever you need the status right now.

There’s no enumeration of states because it’s just a free-form String that each driver implementation is free to use however it wants.

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