Best Practice for Maintaining Ignition Licenses in Docker Container

We run our Ignition OPC UA server within a Docker container. When we update our docker container the ignition license is not valid anymore. Therefore, we first have to deactivate the old license and then have to activate the license for the new version, which results in a huge manual effort. Is there a best practice to automize the license de/activation task in combination with Docker containers?

You need to talk to your sales agent.

Did you get anywhere with this? We’re finding that the license disappears every time the container is restarted, even without updating it.

Ignition support just told us this isn’t supported at the moment.

No, we were not able to improve it. However, in our case the license survives a simple restart of acontainer. It only is disabled if we create a new container. It would help a lot if inductive automation would provide a solid licensing option for docker container. Otherwise, we probably have to use another opc ua server in the future.

This may sound like an odd suggestion, but if you’re currently using overlay2 for the Docker storage driver, try switching to aufs instead.