Docker container (multiple) licenses when using yaml files (K8S)

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I think I'll need @kcollins1 for this one, but it might be useful for more people to hear the answer on this question.

I saw this post, but it's from 2018 it's about Ignition 7.9, so I thought it would be better to create a new topic on this subject.

Our customer is using K8S to run Ignition. So that means we use yaml files to set up the configuration. Recently, we have changed from regular licenses to leased licenses. We have two licenses on one server, one from IA, and one from a third party vendor. We have trouble to automate the licensing activation for both licenses.

  • We can add 'IGNITION_LICENSE_KEY' to our yaml configuration, but as far as we can tell, this only works for one license per server. Is this correct? Or can we provide multiple in a way?
  • Is there an option to merge the two licenses into one license? Or is this impossible since there is a third party vendor involved?
  • What is our alternative? We where thinking we could use gwcmd commands to activate our second license. Is there any code available for that?

I'm a third-party module developer that uses IA's license system to control access to my modules. I have no idea how to issue a leasable license instead of a regular license. Did your third party make a lease-capable license?

I have no idea, they just gave me a leased license, could be that IA gave it to them or it could be they know how to make that. The vendor is Kymera systems.

As of 8.1.19, you can utilize multiple 8-digit leased activation license keys. Prior to that version, only one could be loaded/active at a time. You can use the same IGNITION_LICENSE_KEY and IGNITION_ACTIVATION_TOKEN environment variables as before, but the content can now be comma-delimited, e.g.:


You can also use the IGNITION_ACTIVATION_TOKEN_FILE=/path/to/file
form and have the file path point to a file with the comma-delimited contents (i.e. via K8s secret).


Hmm. I'll ping @Kyle_Chase and/or @Kevin.McClusky when the time comes.

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Cool, we did not know it was possible like this, thanks!

You're welcome! Sure enough, the docs don't yet capture this nuance. I'll work with the team to get some more discoverability of this in place!


That would be great, thanks.