Best way to publish non-SparkplugB MQTT data?

Hi all,
I'm looking for the best approach to put an entire tag provider (or a certain folders) to publish plain MQTT (non-SpB) on change. I currently have an on-change tag event working (script below) but I'd like to design something more scalable instead of putting scripts on each tag. I"m thinking a gateway event could do this?

Basically I'd like all the functionality of the MQTT transmitter but not have it in SparkplugB format.

Script -----
tagvalue = tag.value
system.cirruslink.transmission.publish("Chariot SCADA", tagPath, str(tagvalue.value).encode(), 0, 0)

Hi all,
Referencing this post on IA forum, and here on Cirrus Link forum, looks like if I use a custom namespace, it may be a work-around for SpB