Bind Text Property of Vision Label to tag dataset value

I’m sure I’m missing something stupid here, but how do I bind the text label on a vision object to a specific part of a dataset tag? When I try to use the tag binding with a variety of different syntaxes I can’t find a way to access a specific item in the dataset.

I have a dataset tag with a SQL select statement that pulls all of the information about a specific piece of equipment from our database. From that single dataset tag, I’d like to be able to display about half a dozen different text fields on different text labels on a Vision screen.

Should be something like this:


Where the zeros are row and column. Column can also be a string name. This syntax is commonly wrapped in a try() function to resolve a missing cell. Like so:

try({path/to/dataset/tag}[0,'someStringColumn'], 'someFallback')
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Should that work in the tag property binding? If I try that syntax, I get an warning about an Illegal Character as well as an error That you must specify a tag or tag property when I try to hit the OK Button.

No, that is an expression. If you need indirection, use additional custom properties with the intermediate results.