borderPainted property

Just upgraded to 8.1.21. The upgrade process was super easy so thank you for that. I am just curious to why the "borderPainted" property was removed for buttons? I had a bunch of buttons that used that property so now I have to change a bunch of things. Just curious :slight_smile:

Did you upgrade from 7.9?

From 8.1.2

@PGriffith something to do with the LnF changes in between?

Looking at the "new in this version" notes, apparently it was removed in 8.1.8 for conflicting with the "Fill Area" property.

Yeah. The Look and Feel has a fairly opinionated way things should be painted.

There's some more context on the bug here:

That thread also has a potential workaround; changing the Synthetica.background.alpha property changes the rendering process for buttons, which might get you closer to the style you want with borderPainted disabled.