Breakpoint container breakpoint limit

I am trying to understand the Breakpoint container. However, if I set a breakpoint less than 500, in the client when I launch view it always shows a large view where I expect a small view.

Am I missing something, Please help?

Thanks in advance

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Have the same issue, any luck?

could you show me your breakpoint settings?

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This is the breakpoint that switch between medium header and small header

breakpoint view:

small embedded view:

medium embedded view:

For each header I have a flex container:

header M:

header S:

This works on my phone, I do see the screen changes to small header; however I do not see the small header when I am launching on my PC and make the screen small.

the default size doesnt really do that much for a flexcontainer, could you check you arent getting it diffrent with something like a backgroundcolor? like make small have a blue background just to see if it works.

And does it work in the desinger? do you see the blue arrow and does small/large get highlighted when you change the size?

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I changes the color as well, but it does not switch to small mode. It does switch on my hone but not on the web browser.
I thought maybe something is wrong with my settings like default sizes or the flex container.
I have no idea why it does work on my phone but not when I am launching on my PC.

and in the desinger?

How should I test it in the designer? When I play nothing is happening in the designer

you can drag the size of the root at the square
try to drag it infront and behidn the blue arraw ontop of the screen

you should see the small/large highlight as in my previous post

My breakpoint view is like this:

And I cannot drag the size of the root at square.

dont do it in play mode

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Right! It worked in the designer mode

now for the pc did you use the workstation or a browser?

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I launched it using browser

google chrome?

yep, chrome
I even tried with edge but it did not work

are you sure you crossed the breakpoint?
if you use inspect (ctrl+shift+i)
some tools show up and you can drag that bar to the side, you should see the pixels change on the top while you drag it around

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I do see the breakpoint and the header is changing to the small color header

so it works? right? xD

It works in the designer but not in the web browser. Is this normal?