[Bug-11666] XY Chart Contains Tooltip Does Not Render In Some Cases

Unexpected behaviour:
Tool tips do not appear on XY charts when enabled.

Expected behaviour:
Tool tips to appear.

Browser/clients checked: Chrome, Firefox, safari.
Version: 8.0.0-beta0 (b2018111302)
Data Method: Named Query (JSON return)

We removed tooltips from components a long while ago, but we recently noticed that a few components retained the property in their schema. We will remove the tooltip from the XY Chart in the coming days to keep it in-line with other components.

Seems like we have a couple conflicting topics on XY Chart tooltips? This tooltip background color topic sounds like tool tips will stay in the XY Chart. Is that accurate? Just trying to figure out if I should or shouldn’t post a couple other issues I found with the tool tips.

In looking at the internal tickets, it looks like there was a misunderstanding of what tooltips we were talking about. There were tooltips before that applied to a whole component that were scrapped a while back. The tooltips on the XY Chart are more of an integral tooltip as part of the component itself. The tooltips on the XY Chart will remain, and the issue described here in the initial post has an internal ticket tied to it. I will change the title to reflect that. Thanks for catching this and feel free to post your other issues you found with them.